{Get ₹41 Bonus} Rummy Satta Apk Download

A very good and brand new Online Earning Application of Rummy has arrived, whose name is Rummy Satta Apk. In Rummy Satta Apk you can play rummy and also win a lot of prizes by playing many types of games. 


Rummy Satta Apk Download & Get ₹25 Bonus

Rummy Satta Apk DownloadIt is very simple to do. All the information about Rummy Satta App is given in this article below, you should read this article completely if you also want to earn money sitting at home. 

Rummy Satta Apk is a new App and it is currently giving a lot of Reward Points to the customer. Therefore, this is a very good app of Rummy. Let us tell you about Rummy Satta App.


Rummy Satta Apk Review 

There are many Rummy Apps in the market, but most of them become old and their reward points gradually reduce. In such a situation, everyone keeps searching for new Rummy apps, in which the games are easy and the winnings are very high. 

Rummy Satta App is a brand new app from Rummy Types Games. In such a situation, you can win a lot of prize money by downloading this app with the help of our given download link. You can earn thousands of rupees from this free app. 

Since Rummy Satta App is new, it is also giving Sign Up Bonus and Free Games Access to the customers. You can also enter the games for free with the money received from the bonus and earn money by defeating other people online in the games. 

App NameRummy Satta
Sign UP Bonus₹25 Bonus
Daily Bonus₹20 (7 Days)
Refer & Earn₹100 Per Referrals 
Minimum WithdrawOnly ₹100

Rummy Satta Apk Download 

You will find duplicate versions of Rummy Satta App on many websites, which will not be the original Rummy Satta App but some other fake app.

Therefore, to download Rummy Satta Apk Original Version, use only this website. And to update always update Rummy Satta Apk from this website. 

The complete steps to download Rummy Satta Apk are given in this article below, you can download Rummy Satta App from our website by following the given steps. 

  • To download Rummy Satta, go to the download button given below. 
  • After that click on the option of Confirm Download Rummy Satta Apk. 
  • Wait for a while, after that you will start downloading Rummy Satta Apk in your mobile browser. 
  • After the Rummy Satta Apk is downloaded, you can install it in your mobile and start using it. 

Download Rummy Satta

How To Install Rummy Satta Apk 

You will have to install Rummy Satta Apk manually. While installing manually, it has to be installed manually by setting it on, otherwise after downloading the app from Google Play Store, it gets installed automatically. 

To install Rummy Satta Apk, just follow the steps given below, in this way Rummy Satta Apk will be installed in your mobile, but your mobile must be Android Version. 

  • Go to the Download Files of your mobile, or go to the Download Sections inside the Mobiles Browser. 
  • After going to the Download Sections, click on the files of Rummy Satta App. 
  • After that, to install Rummy Satta App, you will have to turn on the Settings of Install From Unknown Source. 
  • After turning on the settings, click on the Next option, in this way Rummy Satta Apk will be installed in your mobile. 
  • After installation, you have to login/register in it and you can know further about it.

Rummy Satta Apk Login/ Register 

To register in Rummy Satta App, you must have a mobile number. You can login to Rummy Satta Apk only after registration. Let us register inside Rummy Satta App with the help of the steps given below. 

  • To register in Rummy Satta App, first open Rummy Satta Apk in your mobile. 
  • After that click on the option of Register New User. 
  • After that enter your Name, User ID, Password. 
  • Then enter your ten digit number along with country code. 
  • In Country Code, you choose India, whose number code will be +91. 
  • After that 6 digit OTP will come on your mobile number. 
  • As soon as you enter the OTP, you will be registered in the Rummy Satta App. 
  • After registering, you can log out later and login again with User ID and Mobile Number.  

Rummy Satta Apk Reward

Rummy Satta App is a completely new application. In such a situation, you can win a lot of prizes by registering with three-four mobile numbers and can withdraw money directly into your bank account by playing games. 

You get ₹25 as soon as you sign up in Rummy Satta App. In this way, if you register with three or four numbers, you will get a reward of ₹ 25 on each number which you can withdraw in your bank account. 

Rummy Satta App gives you daily bonus for 7 days after this. You just have to use this App for some time every day and then you will get Reward Points worth ₹20 per day in Rummy Satta App. That means in 7 days you will get a total of ₹ 140. 

If you refer Rummy Satta App to your friend or anyone and if they install it in their mobile and use it, then you will get instant reward point of ₹ 100. That is, in this way you can earn a good amount of money from this app for free even by referring. 

Rummy Satta Apk Withdraw 

To get money in Rummy Satta Apk, you will need Bank Account and PAN Card. To withdraw money, follow the steps given below. 

  • To withdraw money in Rummy Satta App, you must have at least ₹ 100 in your account. 
  • To withdraw money, click on the profile on the right side and click on Withdraw Money. 
  • After that enter the amount you want to withdraw. 
  • After that enter your Bank Account Number and enter your PAN Card Number. 
  • Finally click on the Withdraw Money option, sometimes it may take time for the amount to be withdrawn, but the money will be withdrawn in your bank account within 24 hours. 


Rummy Satta App is a very good online earning application, through which you can earn good money from your mobile sitting at home. Download Rummy Satta App from our own website, we do not take any support from other websites. 

If you are facing any problem in Rummy Satta App, then please let us know by commenting. Thank you very much for reading this article. 

Rummy Satta App Download: FAQs

Q.1 How to add money in Rummy Satta Apk?

Ans- You click on Right Profile, then click on Add Money and then add funds with the help of UPI.

Q.2 How much money do you get on Refer and Earn in Rummy Satta Apk?

Ans- Like all normal apps, you also get a reward point of Rs 100 in Rummy Satta App.

Q.3 How to earn money for free from Rummy Satta Apk?

Ans- By referring for free from Rummy Satta App, you can earn ₹ 100 on each refer.

Q.4 After what amount is Money Withdrawal from Rummy Satta Apk?

Ans – To withdraw money in Rummy Satta App, there should be minimum ₹ 100 in your account.

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